Wandering Folk’s Positive Impact

“Wandering Folk’s passion and commitment to making an impact in the unprotected Daintree rainforest is something the whole team and crew deeply treasure. Business is a powerful proponent for change, and Wandering Folk is one of the leading examples of businesses making this impact part of their everyday.”

Kristin Canning, Partnerships Director

  • 8,792

    square metres of threatened rainforest rescued

  • 95

    tonnes of carbon locked away

Giving Back

We love this beautiful planet and the communities we are part of and strive to do our best to give back when we can.

  • 1% for the Planet

    We are proud partners of 1% for the Planet. We have predominantly donated majority of our 1% of sales to Rainforest Rescue, whose projects re-establish rainforests through planting, maintenance, and restoration programs, as well as purchasing and protecting high conservation value rainforest to preserve its biodiversity. As of July 2023 we have donated over $103,000. We also worked with Carbon Positive Australia in 2023.

  • Charity tote bags

    Each year we create a charity tote bag to match one of our picnic rugs, where a certain amount of proceeds is donated to a particular charity or cause such as the 2020 Red Cross bushfire appeal ($5,000) Great Koala National Park and more
    recently Take 3 for the Sea.

  • Floodraiser

    In February 2022 our Northern Rivers community was effected by a flooding disaster. Along with allowing staff to be helping out on the ground we also put our efforts into creating a huge online fundraiser and event in partnership with Ocean Alley and The Northern Hotel plus many amazing brands which raised over $100,000 that was donated to GIVIT's NSW flood relief fund.