Golden rays of sunlight, caramel tanned skin, and the rich glimmer of sunset on water... This rug and cooler set has been designed to entice the wanderer in you craving the taste of a honeyed Euro summer...

Monday Distillery x Wandering Folk

The Le Lemon print, inspired by the Amalfi coastline, was the perfect artwork for their newest offering, the Cello Bella four pack. It really captured the mood behind the flavour; hot sun, the refreshing sea, your feet up and a glass in your hand.


Let us introduce ourselves

We create thoughtfully crafted, premium picnic essentials. We’re inspired by a nomadic lifestyle. Our love of nature has taken us to all corners of the earth. We collect trinkets, tales, friendships, art and inspiration wherever we wander– and it’s this philosophy that’s the heart and soul of Wandering Folk.


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