Q&A with desert-dweller and storyteller Brianna Madia

I’ve been following this amazing women & her soul mate as they roam around the amazing deserts of America for quite a few years now. They are in the coolest 4wd van, called Bertha, with their two dogs. Brianna is one of my favourite accounts on Instagram, a real beauty, full of adventure and loves to be free in her raw, wild ways.  They live a life full of freedom and happiness and it shines through in the way she writes, not just sharing the shiny parts of her life, but the REAL VAN life as she likes to called it... the non glamorous side. Brianna and Kieth's life motto is ‘never leave the dogs behind’.  Recently they went through...

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Sri Lanka... well what can I say? Relaxed vibes, yoga, surfing and a whole lot of sunset picnics. Most of our trips are jam packed with one adventure after another, so this trip was a bit different it was like a real holiday, 10 days in the magical land of Sri Lanka. It was quite the hike to get there, 3 planes later and a mad dash to pick up our new Sony Alpha camera in Singapore airport (because the whole of Australia had sold out).  After arriving in early hours we woke up in Jasper House, Hiriketiya to the view of white shutters that opened up onto palm trees swaying in the breeze, monkeys playing in the treetops and...

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Q&A with the Ruiz Family // A Den for Our Cubs

We stumbled upon the Ruiz family from New Mexico, USA on instagram (@denforourcubs) and instantly fell in love with their unique family home and inspirational simple living.  They make you question the sustainability of your living and show what you can easily live without.  Zac, Tell us a bit about yourself and your family?  So we’re the Ruiz’s- Zac, Katie, Fox, Grizzly. I (Zac) am not anyone special. The coolest thing I’ve probably done was get mistaken for Chris Hemsworth at universal studios. Life’s just been downhill from that moment on. We’re currently living in New Mexico, enjoying being close to Colorado, and have a summer planned out full of camping, MTB races, Mineral hunting and, really, just whatever we feel like....

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Q&A in the wildflowers with Natascha Elisa

International model, healthy lifestyle advocate and environmental ambassador resides between Australia and LA. Natascha curates her website (, along with two forever inspiring instagrams (@Nataschaelisa and @Cleancooking) and is the founder of Models of Compassion (@Modelsofcompassion).  On these platforms she shares her love for natural living, healthy lifestyle, fair fashion, sustainable travel and volunteering. Where in the world are you right now? 
Berlin, Germany You have wandered the globe since you were 6 months old! Why did you and your family travel so much? Anywhere you haven’t been?
 We moved between Germany and Australia while I was growing up with lots of travel adventures in between.  My parents are avid travellers and we visited around 60 countries before I had...

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7 Tips for a magical experience in Morocco

Our great friends Nicko and Melissa travelled to Marrakech for 2 weeks visiting  Taghazout, Imsouane, Sidi Kaouki, Essaouira, Fez and Chefchaouen.  Morocco has always been on our hit list (and yours too we're sure) so we asked them to share their valuable tips for best experiencing this magical country.   Do your research….. Before buying any big items such as carpets, poufs and silverware do your research. Seasoned buyers have dedicated blogs for the do’s and don’ts and of course, trusty Tripadvisor. Like any souks (markets) there are rip offs and genuine sellers. After doing one rug tour (highly recommended) I learnt exactly what I was looking for and tugged away on carpets as though I knew what I was...

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