Q&A with Anamundi Studio's Jasmine Christie

Jasmine Christie is a talented florist, stylist, artistic activist and holds endless passion for cultivating community that we find so inspiring. Her eclectic business Anamundi is a botanical studio and nature concept space located in Mullumbimby, NSW Australia, that hosts gatherings, workshops and feasts.  We’ve had the pleasure of attending her full moon flowerings, wild craft botanical dyeing workshop and regularly receive her ‘Blackmail’.  Jasmine brought our Native Wildflower campaign vision to life by sourcing native Australian flowers and worked her arrangement magic on the day. Tell us a little about your magical self and the path that lead you to where you are today? I began my creative journey as a set & costume designer in Sydney working across...

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Q&A with Picnic Portal's Prue Rustean

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Prue Rustean over the last year and recently hired her magic for our new rug launch soiree and Christmas party.  We love her thoughfully built spreads, full of colour and local flavour. We thought we'd ask her a few questions to get a little more insight into our favourite local picnic company 'Picnic Portal'. 1. Tell us a little about yourself? I grew up between small coastal towns in the South West of Western Australia - Margaret River, Yallingup & Busselton.  I lived in Bondi, Sydney for 3 years and have now found myself very comfortably settled in Byron Bay for the past 3 years which is the perfect balance between super...

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Q&A Jana Brunclikova - Naturopath & Plant-Based Chef

Tell us a little about yourself? My fascination with natural health began long before I spent many years studying it. As a child, growing up in vibrant fields of the mountains of Czech Republic, which were abundant with herbs and wildflowers, folk remedies and nature, I discovered the power of plant medicine and its healing properties. It has never left me since.  Fast forward to today, I have spent many years teaching people how to regain and reignite their health through my naturopathy clinic where I practice with Bioresonace - body natural life synergetic.  Currently located in leafy setting of beautiful Bronte Beach in Sydney, at Orchard St clinic, surrounded by many inspirational like-minded ladies.  We notice you're a native wild flower lover like us,...

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