Has Corona Virus affected the shipping of orders?

At this stage we are shipping orders as usual. AUS POST remains fully operational, but some international orders are currently restricted. Check if your country is restricted here.


Do you ship overseas?

We do, all international orders are placed through our Australian site and shipped from our HQ in Byron Bay, NSW. USA customers can order directly from our USA site here and orders ship from Santa Cruz, CA.


How do I clean my rug?

To keep your rug looking its best, try to avoid spilling acidic or harmful chemicals on the surface. Lemon juice, alcohol, salt water or anything similar should be washed off immediately by spot cleaning with cold soapy water, or simply hose down and hang out on the line. You can gentle machine wash your rug in cold water if the above is not enough, but please put rubber bands over the tassels to prevent them from unraveling and fluffing up. Prior to storing, always ensure your rug is fully dry to prevent mold.

Are your rugs, cushions, cooler bags vegan friendly?

No, our rugs and large cushions have a leather logo tag attached to the corner of the rug. We do however offer a vegan friendly option by carefully removing this tag before sending it out to you. This process incurs no damage at all. Please advise via email to our customer service team at hello@wanderingfolk.com before purchasing if you wish for your order to be vegan friendly. Our small cushions are vegan friendly with a woven label.  We cannot offer vegan friendly cooler bags as the leather cannot be removed without damaging the cooler bag.


Where are Wandering Folk rugs made?

The process begins in our headquarters here in Byron Bay, NSW. Owner Sharnee Thorpe sketches each individual print and designs the rugs with love and care. Her designs are then sent to our amazing family run factory in China who we have worked very closely with since the beginning. Sharnee has visited the factory numerous times and intends on continuing this to keep our relationship strong.


Are your rugs made sustainably?

Our rugs are digitally printed which is the most sustainable way of printing, it uses a lot less water than any other printing method. The UPF, waterproofing, inks and printing method are R.E.A.C.H compliant which means that they do not harm you or the environment.

Click here to read more about R.E.A.C.H.

Why are Wandering Folk rugs valued at such a high price point?

Our rugs are ethically handmade to last a life-time of picnics with two layers of heavy duty cotton canvas- the bottom layer has waterproof treatment so you can sit on damp ground, the top layer is digitally printed which is better for the environment and takes more time than other printing methods.

All prints are hand-drawn by owner Sharnee Thorpe, it's a piece of art that she works on for weeks, sometimes months. A UPF coating is applied over the top to slow down the print fade on the cotton. The chunky cotton tassels are also hand made and hand dyed.


If you have any further questions or queries, our customer service team is happy to help out. Please email:  hello@wanderingfolk.com