Caring for the Planet

Our pieces are created to be a bespoke, long lasting & cherished item. We believe in slowing down the cycle of fast fashion and leaving as little an impact on our beautiful Earth as possible.

  • Chemicals

    We avoid the use of harmful chemicals in the production of our picnic accessories, as this reduces the risk of these chemicals being discarded of improperly, and making their way into waterways and damaging the precious eco system in these channels.

  • Digital Printing

    We use a digital printing technique which not only allows us to achieve really detailed prints, but also uses less water in the process. Our printing supplier also uses recycled water systems. Water recycling can happen over and over, significantly reducing the total amount of water used in the production of our rugs.

  • Minimising Waste

    Our rugs are cut and printed to size to minimise wastage. We also keep sample fabric to sell at our sample sales, so watch out for original prints.