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Care Instructions

Thank you for purchasing one of our Wandering Folk Picnic Rugs or cushions.

Our beautiful picnic rugs and cushions are made of natural fibres, it will live and wear with you over time.

Our 2018 rugs have a new UPF30+ coating applied to make the print last longer in the sun. Prior to 2018, the rugs without this new coating may naturally fade over time with lots of use in the sunlight.

To keep your rug looking its best, try to avoid spilling acidic or harmful chemicals on the surface.

Lemon juice, alcohol, salt water or similar should be washed off immediately by hosing down and sponging with cold soapy water. 

You can gentle machine wash your rug in cold water if above is not enough, but please put rubber bands over the tassels to prevent them from fluffing up.

If you have really dirtied your rug bad and need to soak it, then please try to keep the leather logo tag out of water as the dye may run onto the canvas.

Prior to storing always hang your rug up to dry fully with the print facing down.