Waterproof Picnic Rugs

Our Waterproof Picnic Rugs are unique and beautifully designed featuring hand illustrated prints by our Founder, Sharnee Thorpe. We pride ourselves on our high standards of craftsmanship and the quality materials we use so that our products can be cherished for a lifetime.

Why people love our Waterproof Picnic Rugs...

1. They all feature our signature water resistant brown base - which means they are perfect for use on damp grass
2. Made from 100% cotton canvas, keeps your rug (& bum) dry 
3. Durable materials, simply wipe down any spills
4. Easy to roll, with carry strap included with all rugs

5. Last but not least they feature unique hand drawn prints from our founder Sharnee Thorpe.

Our Waterproof Picnic Rugs are inspired by a nomadic lifestyle. Our love of nature has taken us to all corners of the earth. We collect trinkets, tales, friendships, art and inspiration wherever we wander– and it’s this philosophy that’s the heart and soul of Wandering Folk.

Wander often, wander wide. Wandering Folk is a way of life.

We are wholeheartedly committed to creating thoughtfully crafted, premium picnic rugs that can be cherished for many years.
We value the movement of “Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last”. We consider all aspects of the supply chain and in doing so, we aim to respect people, the environment, and animals.

Designed in Byron Bay, Australia.