You'll find her in a crowd of flowers. Silver grey eucalypts dance and sway. The copper horizon shimmers. Secrets float in on the wind. Yearnings, desires and sorrows. A crown of wild daisies adorns her hair. Red and powdery earth... She's barefoot among the blooms. Intoxicating, sweet nectared air. A kaleidoscope of butterflies flicker around. A most peculiar dream, strange and beautiful. Beguiling and strong; she's a wildflower...

Native Wildflower Muse: Cait Provan

Photographer: Becky Smith

Styling: Sharnee Thorpe

Garments: Vintage from Reloved Treasures and Opia(Skirt in last scene)

Flower magic: Anamundi Studio

Hair + Makeup: Luciana Rose