How to roll your rug

Our carry strap is specially designed so you can take your rug with you wherever you may wander. To roll up your rug follow the steps below or you can watch this video.

  • 1. Flip your rug upside down

    The brown waterproof underside should be facing up. Make sure to place your rug in a dry spot to keep your rug clean ;)

  • 2. Fold along the stitch lines

    Starting at one end, fold your rug along the stitch lines until you reach the opposite side.

  • 3. Be sure to fold in the same direction

    (kinda like rolling, but you are making creases along the stitch lines).

  • 4. Check your tassels

    Well done! Your tassels should be located at the four corners. You're ready to roll.

  • 5. Roll your rug tightly

    This will keep your rug neatly in place so you can wander to your heart's content :)

  • 6. Loop the ends of the strap around the rug

    Adjust the end of the straps so you can loop it around the rolled rug and tighten as needed. You're ready to picnic x