The style of the 70s always seems to weave its way onto our founder Sharnee’s mood board. She is continuously drawn to the rich earthy tones and swirly paisley patterns. As an artist, this era of freedom, music, and rebellion ignites her imagination.

The story of our Topanga Rugs was imagined after a cosy day spent reading the novel Daisy Jones and the Six. Set in Topanga Canyon, the book tells the incredible story of a fictional band rising to the top in the 1970s. You may have heard of this tiny town in the LA hills, a bohemian oasis well known for its artists, musicians, and hippy scene. 

Over the years Sharnee has trailed many times though its vintage stores and drunk copious amounts of coffee in its quaint cafes. It seemed very fitting that our new collection was named Topanga after this soulful place.  

The location we scouted was an epic home in LA decorated so lushly that we almost expected to bump into a seventies rockstar in the bathroom. Our vision of Topanga was effortlessly brought to life here. We played our favourite seventies tunes as we shot amongst shaggy carpets, records, indoor plants, and brown leather couches.

The main character from the book Daisy was portrayed as a talented free spirit whose life was spent following her every whim and desire. Demi our muse was the perfect girl to portray our Topanga story, dancing around the lounge room all night, calling anyone that would listen and then floating around the pool listening to rock ‘n’ roll music under the setting sun.  


Photographer: @viviankimx

Assistants: @thecoffey @jacobbleee

Location: @thevalleycapri

Talent: @demimarciaHMU:@starkey _makeup

Production: @cactus_house_agency

Clothes: Dress@Spell Swimmers@zuluandzephyr


Talent: @demimarcia

HMU: @starkey _makeup

Production: @cactus_house_agency

Clothes: Dress @Spell Swimmers @zuluandzephyr