1% for the Planet

We are proud partners with 1% percent for the Planet and Rainforest Rescue. Here at Wandering Folk we love to explore and picnic in the beautiful natural places our planet has to offer, and we believe protecting it for us and generations to come is not just a choice but a responsibility! Since 2019 we have been donating 1% of every sale to Rainforest Rescue to help protect the worlds rainforests and have now become a gold member.

 Rainforest Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation based just up the road from us in Mullumbimby. They focus on protecting rainforests by purchasing important conservation rainforest land and then restoring it through activities such as tree planting and weed removal since 1998

 Why Rainforest? Apart from being one of the best places to have a picnic, Rainforest also play a vital role in the natural processes that keep this planet healthy while supporting amazing levels of animal and plant diversity.