Enchanted by the regency period, we’ve been seeking moments of indulgence in the everyday. The Wonderland Picnic Rug is our most extravagant piece yet, created in celebration of an era that embraced pattern, luxury and delight. Let’s take a trip to Wonderland...

Exploring an opulent world of beauty. Sitting by low tables laden with rich wines, abundant fruits and delicious decadent cakes... she lets herself be whisked away down the rabbit hole...

From donning soft summer gowns, to reading lengthly novels by a flickering fire, slow & elegant living is an intoxicating salve against the busy nature of our modern life...

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Photography and videography by: Lynden Foss

Muse: Christina Macpherson

(and Bunnita)

HMU: Luciana Rose

Florals: Nikau Flora

Creative director: Sharnee Thorpe

Production and styling: Wandering Folk team and Ash Evans Creative