Meet me under the sun. Let’s pluck citrus from laden orange trees, grow wildflowers in the garden, and watch butterflies dance through the tall grass. As Spring unfurls its leaves and the air grows soft, we'll feast beneath blue skies, turning like sunflowers towards the light.

Presenting Under the Sun Part One, a bespoke picnic accessory collection for every wanderer. Featuring abstract modern prints, vintage-inspired patterns, and elegant florals, Under the Sun transforms every spring day into an enchanting memory.

Spun from the colours of fresh childhood Octobers, our vibrant palette includes playful earth tones, soothing aquamarine hues, and our founder's favourite: warm mustard yellow.

As our Spring campaign unfolds, we’ll seek to capture the beauty of simple moments in the sunshine. Every space in nature becomes a mini paradise, the perfect setting to explore and connect.

Photographer: Emma Wiseman

Styling: Amy Kristalyn & Sharnee Thorpe

Creative Direction: Sharnee Thorpe & Siobhan O'Leary Ashford

Location: Paddock Hall

Flowers: Sourced from Poppy & Fern

Talent: Jessica Edith Adams

Outfits: Spell & Grown