Under the sun, the world was alive with vibrant colour and warmth. The sky was a canvas of paintery suns in shades of golden yellow, burnt orange, and deep red. The air carried the sweet scent of salt, while sand clung to sun kissed skin. Our Under the Sun collection is all you need to craft unforgettable moments in the places you wander this Summer.

Spun from the colours of fresh childhood Octobers, our vibrant palette includes playful earth tones, soothing aquamarine hues, and our founder's favourite: warm mustard yellow.

As our Spring campaign unfolds, we’ll be seeking to capture the beauty of simple moments in the sunshine. Every space in nature becomes a mini paradise, the perfect setting to explore and connect

Photographer - Emma Wiseman

Location - Hastings Point Creek

*Ai Generative fill backdrops, teleport us back to the San Blas Islands

Talent: Freya Haley and Nidala Barker

Styling - Sharnee Thorpe

Set design - Sharnee Thorpe

Creative direction - Amy Kristalyn, Siobhan O'Leary Ashford