We weren't given this wild soul to simply exist. We came here to create magic. We came here to deeply connect with ourselves, with each other. As women come together, we reconnect to a deep wisdom. As women come together true magic unravels...

We are the daughters of the moon
The sisters of the stars
We flow like the rivers
And stand tall like the trees
We are mysterious and brave
Our hearts made wild from flame

As we gather together, we ignite the fire in our souls
We came here to embody the essence of our truth
To share our burning desires with the world
To illuminate the darkness
Because without the shadows there is no light


Movement Muse - Marley Thorpe, Laura Escudero, Sarah Cargill

Photographer & Videographer - Lynden Foss 

Location - Ella's Farm 

Styling - Sharnee Thorpe

Mandala Art - Prue  @Earth.altering

Clothing - Opia Byron Bay