Brought to life dreaming of balmy late summer nights and the Amalfi coastline. The Le Lemon Rug was inspired by the idea of long stays in a countryside villa with friends. Cooking up a delicious dinner, sipping on limoncello, painting lemons in the afternoon and chatting in the long grass over spaghetti..

This hand painted artwork was designed to give you a little taste of Europe with its lemons and olive leaves, paired with an abstract border. We reflect on the design process with Sharnee...

So, this rug is a change from your usual floral based artwork…The print was created when we just emerged from lockdowns.  What was inspiring you at this time?

The lust for faraway places was so strong at that time. I was dreaming of sun kissed afternoons eating yummy food along the mediterranean coastline, picnicking with friends on busy pebble beaches and exploring places I’ve never been. The lemons and the olives branches give you a little taste of that. And the painterly style and washy background is almost soothing your worries like a dream state... I’m always drawn to florals but for some reason this lemon idea never left my mind when I was dreaming up print ideas. So I painted what I felt.  

You went on a little artist's retreat when this print was painted. We’d love to hear about the retreat…

Yes I took myself on a little 2 night getaway to be with my own thoughts and my paints … I’ve never done this before, I always dreamed of doing it. It’s hard to carve out time to paint when I’m busy running the business and being a mum. The place I stayed was just down the road from home in Broken Head in a little treehouse cabin I found on Airbnb. The cabin was open to the tropical gardens around it and the moon was full. I felt like I was on a secluded island somewhere. I listened to music and danced while I painted... I watched the sunrise from bed on the top level with a cup of tea in hand. Painting is my happy place, getting lost in the paint strokes and feeling the creativity flow out was magic. I painted a few other artworks that will be coming out soon. 

Do you have any fond memories about Italy to share?

I have never been to Italy, I've always dreamed of going. Maybe that’s why the yearning to go was so strong. One day I hope to take the kids there and enjoy picnics along the coastline. 

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Photography and videography by: Sophie Isadora Haber

Muse: Sophie Isadora Haber

Creative direction: Amy Kristalyn & Siobhan O'Leary

Production and styling: @sophieisadorahaber