Set yourself adrift with our enchanting Flora Plum picnic rug and matching throw. These exquisite picnic accessories have been designed to adorn muted winter landscapes, transforming any dreamscape into a haven for your everyday adventures.

Inspired by the allure of a rowboat drifting into the embrace of the setting sun, the Flora Plum campaign pays homage to the ever-changing rhythm of winter. From crisp mornings to soothing afternoon warmth and mystical, starlit nights, every moment is embraced wholeheartedly. Cast aside expectations, and venture to cozy cabins nestled in the hinterland, picturesque treehouses overlooking the sea, or remote campgrounds where bonfires crackle. The ebb and flow of the seasons beckon you to take a rejuvenating sabbatical, to reflect and surrender yourself to the tranquillity, even if just for a weekend.

Drawing inspiration from the dramatic and audacious florals of the 1950s, our oversized Flora print puts a modern twist on our bestselling Forest print. We have magnified the delicate intricacies of our hand-drawn design to create an impression of magnificence and opulence. The colour palette revolves around the rich plum fruit — an exquisite blend of deep, warm purple with subtle hints of red. In Chinese culture, the plum is known as the "friend of winter," symbolising resilience and strength in challenging climates. Alongside soft autumnal hues reminiscent of the 70s, both the rug and throw harmonise with nature and infuse indoor settings with comforting warmth.

Photographer: Kat Youngberry

Styling: Amy Kristalyn & Sharnee Thorpe

Creative Direction: Sharnee Thorpe & Siobhan O'Leary Ashford

Location: Rosalita's Rest

Flowers: Sourced from Poppy & Fern

Talent: Samantha Dewheurst, Lauren Hudson

Outfit: Oak Meadow