An interview with Winestains We adore their eco picnic accessory range

We connected with Kristal from Winestains over our mutual love for picnics, platters and wine.  We adore the eco picnic accessory range Kristal thoughtfully creates with her Father Peter, all made from reclaimed vintage wine barrels! Being Fathers Day on the weekend we thought it'd be great to get to know a little bit more about the family business Winestains and what it's like working with her Dad.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and how Winestains started?
We’re a father and daughter team from the Barossa Valley, SA.  Since the age of 15, Dad’s worked his way up from cellar hand to Winemaker. This means that he’s seen a lot of wastage in the industry and found a way to really make an impact. We utilize old wine barrels that would have been thrown out or used for firewood to create unique designs.
How did Winestains start out?
Winestains started as a weekend hobby. As a keen craftsman Dad decided to make a few designs from some old wine barrels that were being thrown out at the winery he worked at. I saw what he was creating and felt that other people would appreciate what he was making. We tweaked a few designs and started selling them at local markets.
What inspires you both to create such unique pieces?
We love being able to design and create every day from our workshop which is on our family farm. We have some pretty spectacular views and inspired daily by our environment and the people around us.  Turning beautiful scarred & weathered wine barrels into something unique and beautiful again is always fulfilling. The prior life of these barrels gives each design so much meaning.
What’s it like working alongside your Dad?
I always say that we’re pretty lucky because not everyone would be able to work with a family member – and enjoy it! Dad and I have two very different skill sets (and personalities) which is why I think we’re able to do what we do and still remain close. It’s great to be able to see each other often and bond over something we both love doing.
How did your Dad get into his craft of wood making?
Dad is a self-taught woodworker and has a real passion for his craft. He is one of those guys who can literally tile your house, build a clay pizza oven, a chook shed, make you a table, fix your wonky door, the list goes on and this was all before YouTube!  He’s a pretty handy guy to have around.

How do you spend Father’s day? 

It always involves a family lunch or dinner with cheese and wine on the deck overlooking the farm. It’s the simple pleasures of enjoying each other’s company and showing our appreciation for ‘Dad’.

Platter images by Barossa Family Photographer for Pressed Pantry
Where is your favorite place to picnic?
If I’m completely honest, anywhere there is sun shining and a warm breeze. I’m currently in the middle of winter so I’m just daydreaming… I do love a good beach picnic though and one of my favourite beaches in SA would have to be Silver Sands at Aldinga. Amazing!
What are you picnic essentials?
A beautiful picnic rug (Wandering Folk of course, I love mine!)
Cheese Platter (Winestains)
Reusable Jars + containers for food
Picnic Stakes to stop your wine from spilling (Winestains)
Cooler Bag (Wandering Folk) Also great to store all your picnic gear in!
Good company
Do you have a favorite wine to go with your wine stake?
Living in the Barossa gives me a lot of choice so this is a hard one! I was at Jacob’s Creek last week and had a really delicious Riesling. It was super light and refreshing. I’m really eager to try Down The Rabbit Hole Wines selection though so maybe ask me again in a few weeks.
What is your number 1 tip on creating the perfect picnic?
Be prepared – make sure you have the essential packed so you can literally sit back, relax and enjoy! Bonus tip: If you’re anything like me and not a fan of pre-made sandwiches that tend to go soggy - go for a grazing platter created fresh while you’re there.
We’ve recently created this free download 7 easy steps to create the ultimate roadside picnic for anyone interested.
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