An interview with Sarah Glover The author of the WILD cookbook

Sarah Glover came onto my radar like most creatives do these days, through Instagram. She caught my eye with her WILD camp cook ups and her love for adventures. Sarah is a pastry chef, chef, owns her own business, Bondi Bikkies, and has just released her first cook book, WILD - just got mine a few weeks ago.  She is one hell of an over-achiever. I had the privilege of briefly meeting Sarah when Wandering Folk reached out to some local foodies to collaborate on a yummy picnic basket give-away, she is such a kind bubbly soul. More recently we attended her WILD cookbook launch here in Byron Bay where Sarah was madly cooking up a feast for everyone while chatting and keeping super cool, calm and collected

Growing up in the rugged landscape of Tasmania taught Sarah the ways of the wild. She loves nothing more than to be cooking on an open fire out in the wilderness surrounded by hungry mouths to feed.

Read a little bit about Sarah below. 


-       What is your first memory of going camping?


I think my first or most fondest memories was when I was 16 I had my car full of surfboards, I had just gotten my license and I was off with my mates to surf Bruny Island and camp in the woods, it was cold but the fire kept us warm and also the pure excitement of pumping waves was enough to keep my hands from going blue. 


-       What is your go-to camp cook up dish?


So many options, fish on stick is easy as pie, but I really love rice porridge with my one pan granola and fruit, or I make sauerkraut toasted sandwich that’s killer. 

-       You have been shooting some pretty unbelievable picnic set-ups for your new book WILD, Do you have a favorite? And what are your essentials for the perfect picnic?


I think the picnic I did in the Bronte pools was a highlight, hahah, the essential things for a perfect picnic would have to be imagination, creativity, good music, a blanket, lots of delicious food, a portable BBQ and some friends


-       When your heading out on an adventure, what do you never leave home without?

My pocketknife and something to cook on. 


-       If you could choose any where in Australia to set up camp, where would it be?

Oh, wow so hard, if its just camping for fun, that’s hard, Australia is so amazing, but Tasmania really has it all, beaches, no one around and just amazing produce at your fingertips

-       How’s your fishing skills?

Terrible, I can spear fish, but when it comes to me and a line, I suck. 

-       Have you joined the Van life addicts or are you still rocking a tent?

I have a defender so yes I’m a Van life addict. ha…

-       When did you realize your cooking passion could become your career?

When I was 26 I started a cookie company called Bondi Bikkies, so I used to make cookies for a living, but it wasn’t until I was 30 that I realized I could combined my passion for cooking in the outdoors with my Love for nature. 

-       What’s next for Sarah Glover? 

A sequel book. What that is, I can’t say.. hahah 

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