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A guide to your weekend away with the girls in Byron

Life can be a whirlwind, with responsibilities and digital devices constantly vying for our attention. In the midst of this chaotic world, sometimes all we need is a weekend escape with our best friends. Our friends Loz, Hanna, and Lindsey, female founders of thriving businesses Will + Bear, Axel & Ash and Cabin Love, have an inate understanding of how connection and stillness can enable your creativity to thrive. They embarked on the perfect girls' weekend away at Salty Cabins, nestled in the serene beauty of Northern Rivers, New South Wales. The simple plan was to unplug, unwind, and reconnect with each other, leaving behind the burdens of daily life and embracing the joy of relaxation and togetherness. They shared their intinerary with us, to help you plan the ultimate girls weekend away in the Byron Bay hinterland. 


Stay - Salty Cabin 

Salty Cabins, perched atop a hill just outside of the Byron Bay hub, provided the ideal setting for the girls' retreat. The picturesque view of the surrounding nature and the calming sounds of the nearby river create such a sense of peace. The highlight of the cabin is undoubtedly the outdoor bath, where you can soak in warm water while watching the sun paint the sky in breathtaking hues during sunset.  



Do - picnicking in nature

The best part of any nature getaway with friends is settling down to eat good food in a beautiful environment. Before arriving, they visited the local farmers' market on Thursday morning in Byron Bay with our Picnic Basket and Cooler Bag. They stocked up on delicious snacks, fresh produce and flowers. 

They also packed books and games that they loved. These activities not only entertained them but also sparked meaningful conversations and shared memories. As cameras were packed, they could capture every special moment and create lasting mementos of their time together.

Last but not least they packed their trusty Wandering Folk Native Blossom Picnic Rug, glasses and throw to curate the perfect picnic setup. 



Top tip - do a digital detox with your friends

One of the most challenging aspects of modern life is the constant pull of our phones and devices. But once the girls decided to disconnect for the weekend, the magic unfolded. Free from distractions, they engaged in heartfelt conversations, and truly melted into the moment. The genuine connection that they rekindled without the digital interference was invaluable, and they actually felt themselves fully relax. 



Eat & drink - cheeseboard & a peach crumble

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Loz, Hanna, and Lindsey gathered by the outdoor bath with a glass of local wine in hand. Usually, they all eat balanced meals but this was the time to take a break from cooking to focus on each other. The easiest picnicking meal that takes just minutes to prepare is the humble cheeseboard. Theirs was layered with cheeses, crackers, fruits and dips, and they followed it up with a homemade peach crumble.  Lindsey's super easy crumble turned out to be a culinary masterpiece and became the talk of the trip. See recipe below.




Rejuvenation Through Togetherness

In our fast-paced lives, it's easy to forget the joy of simplicity and the power of true connection. Loz, Hanna, and Lindsey's girls' weekend away at Salty Cabins taught them that sometimes all you need is good company, a beautiful location, and a willingness to disconnect from the digital world. Sometimes it is better to keep plans simple.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by life's demands, consider planning a girls' weekend away like this trio. Unplug, unwind, and immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of life with your best friends. You'll be amazed at how just a few days away can create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds of friendship like never before.






Whether you’re cooking over a fire outdoors or in your oven at home this DIY Simple Peach Crumble recipe is a winner!


What you’ll need:

A dozen peaches or so

Oats 3 cups

Honey 3 tbls

Coconut shredded 1 cup

Cinnamon 1-2 tsp


What to do:

Slice the peaches and place them in a large cast iron pot

Drizzle honey and a few pinches of cinnamon over, then mix everything together

In a seperate bowl combine the oats, coconut, and some honey to make the crumble

Pour the crumble over the peaches

Put the pot over the hot coals or in the oven and keep an on eye until cooked, peaches will be soft to touch and crumble will be nice and crunchy!\

Place a large scoop of the crumble in to a bowl and serve with a dollop of cream, ice cream ad yoghurt and enjoy!








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