Our first public event The Wanderer's Picnic


Created with love and intention, our Wanderer's Picnic brought together the Wandering Folk community in Sydney for our most opulent picnic yet... 

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Over the past six years, Wandering Folk has created a wide variety of picnic setups. From styling lazy beach shoots, hosting grand picnics in architectural gardens, and laying our rugs down against amazing international backdrops, we have done it all. The whole time, our inbox has been overflowing with messages asking us to open these amazing picnics to the public. Waiting until the team was truly ready to host the dream event for you, the request was popped on our exciting list of upcoming projects. 

The idea of an indoor or walled garden picnic was initially inspired by The Ground’s fun Alice in Wonderland installation. How incredible would it be to bring one of the most aesthetic venues in Sydney to life with Wandering Folk’s dreamiest rugs? On the mood board for our very own picnicking installation were florals, treats, summer dresses, delicious beverages, and intimate spaces.  



After some dreaming, the decision was made to make the vision a reality and tick yet another item off the bucket list for 2022. Wandering Folk’s amazing marketing manager Amy quickly pulled together a top-notch team of stylists, florists, and other behind-the-scenes experts to bring our most extravagant mood board yet to life. 



Planning the Wanderer’s Picnic was much more challenging than could have been imagined, especially as the dream location was all the way in Sydney. The Grounds is located 6 hours from Wandering Folk’s head office. Product was quickly shipped down to Sydney, flights were booked, accommodation secured, hours of work were put in and our fingers were crossed. To everyone’s relief, the tickets were sold, and the event was more beautiful than imagined.  


Set in an indoor garden filled to the brim with flowers and foliage, the picnic was a fairytale delight. Rainbows danced playfully across the room as guests laughed and chitter-chatted through the afternoon. Laid across a grazing table sat a vast array of scrumptious goodies - from pastries, tarts, and meringues. Plates were piled aplenty with treats... The Grounds catered for the picnic, and we were mesmerised by the deliciousness of each and every culinary detail. As we indulged ourselves with food, the talented musician Holly Tapp treated us with live music.  


The space was transformed into a little oasis by our stylist Corina Koch with nooks and crannies to take pictures and explore. A curated work of art derived from nature, props and florals were added to The Ground’s greenhouse base until a fairytale dreamscape took shape. Sat atop low-lying tables was an abundant amount of blooms, moss, candles and fruits arranged by our cherished Sydney florist Kitty from The Wilds Sydney. Embedded in the Byron creative community, we had never worked with either creative before and we remain in awe of their skill! 




Friends old and new arrived to take in the decadent beauty and connect with the Wandering Folk community. We welcomed the sweet Tara Milktea, a creative we have always admired for her whimsical adventurous spirit. We discussed all things bright and floral with content creator Eloise and giggled over champers with girlfriends. We also took the opportunity to spend some precious time with family. Sharnee our founder, connected with friends from Sydney and this was her little baby Zephyr’s first ever visit to Sydney. He absolutely loved it (of course, that quote isn’t verbatim). 



As a team, it was important to us that Sharnee’s vision for the picnic and Wandering Folk was actualized. As she was on maternity leave, we knew there were big shoes to fill. Her feedback was so magical to hear; 


‘The setup took my breath away; it was like stepping into another realm. It was truly the most beautiful picnic I had ever seen.’  


What a celebratory way to spend the first weekend of the festive season...  Our hearts are so warm from the ongoing support we receive from our community. Thank you so much for making our dream gathering, one full of pattern, delight and love, come to life. We are excited to bring you picnicking inspiration, beautiful products & possibly even more events in the future. With love from the team! 


Credits to the team below...


Venue: The Grounds of Alexandria, The Atrium

Florals: @the.wilds.sydney

Styling: @corina_koch_stylist 

Music: @holly_tapp

Photographer: @aliceboshell_


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