Exploring the San Blas Islands, Panama

A few years ago when our founder Sharnee embarked on an adventure to the San Blas Islands in Panama, she had no expectations that the landscape would become so infused into her work in later years. The vibrant and diverse culture of these islands offered a rich tapestry of colours, patterns, and natural beauty that would inspire her designs with a touch of tropical paradise.



Upon arriving in Panama, Sharnee was immediately captivated by the lush landscape and the warmth of the people. The islands were a treasure trove of textures, colours, and patterns that would soon find their way into her work. 



The pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant flora and fauna provided a symphony of visual inspiration. The play of light and shadow on the palm leaves, the intricate patterns of tropical flowers, and the gradients of the sunsets... she was mesmerised by this beauty. These motifs show up again and again in the Sol Tangerine collection.



Throughout her trip, Sharnee brought her camera to capture every nuance of her surroundings. She was particularly inspired by the sunsets, and the bright colours of the starfish floating in the crystal clear waters. These sunsets and sea creatures became the cornerstone of her collection's color palette, capturing the essence of the Panama Islands' natural beauty.



Back in her studio, Sharnee worked tirelessly to translate her experiences into a tangible reality. Baby on knee, she experimented with her watercolours, carefully weaving the vibrancy of Panama into every piece. The tangerine hues she had seen in the local textiles and the soft, organic shapes inspired by the tropical landscape were meticulously incorporated into her designs.



The Sol Tangerine Collection includes every accessory you might need for a day under the sun. Each piece bears the mark of Sharnee's journey, a testament to her ability to transform personal experiences into art. Her collection of picnic accessories, from picnic rugs to tote bags, brings a touch of the islands' magic to your everyday adventures.



Sharnee's inspiring trip to the Panama Islands not only enriched her creative spirit but also left an indelible mark on her work. The Sol Tangerine Collection became a tribute to the beauty of Panama and the dedication of its artisans. It stood as a testament to the power of travel, culture, and nature to infuse art with life and enchantment, proving that inspiration can come from the most unexpected and vibrant corners of the world.


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