Travelling Europe with muse Mahlia

The Lola Honey girl we envisioned for our campaign had a dreamlike look; a face that naturally turns towards warm light and a heart that constantly chases summer. Mahlia, funnily enough, was the Wandering Folk team's daily barista for months. We'd talk to her about her projects, ideas and future travels to Europe that summer as she whipped up a row of oat milk lattes. After scouring Instagram for weeks, we all realised that the perfect muse for Lola Honey was right down the street. It was meant to be.

We talk to Mahlia about the last few months she has spent exploring Europe.



Hey lovely, great to catch up with you. It feels like only moments ago we were shooting with you in Byron, chatting about your plans to explore Europe. Tell us all about your travels. What inspired you to go to Europe? 

It really does feel like just a few weeks ago that we shot this fun campaign! My travels were so amazing and it felt so refreshing to be able to explore a whole new place again. What inspired me to go was just craving change and experiencing something new and different. I felt really stagnant after covid and Europe has always been on my bucket list, so I thought what better time to go! 



A big feature of your travels documented on Instagram is delicious alfresco meals. What do you love about gathering outdoors? 

This is one of my absolute favourite things to do and summer in Europe is the best time to do it! I just love being able to connect through food and conversation and enjoy a delicious meal with friends. 


You have a gorgeous pottery business Messy by Mahlia. Has your trip inspired you creatively?  

Yes definitely! I felt like I was in a creative rut before I left Australia and travelling to places that really aligned with my aesthetic was exactly what I needed. Everything was so beautiful and everywhere I went to was inspiring. It got me so excited to create again. 



What do you love about the Euro sense of style? 

The European lifestyle is the way honestly. I really love the simplicity and relaxed nature they have all the time as well as taking so much pride in what they do, if that's their craft, food or art. There is so much thought that goes into it but at the same time no one takes themselves too seriously and that is the key. 



What advice would you give to anyone with an extended trip to Europe on their vision board? 

I think the best advice I can give is don't plan too far ahead; you never know if maybe you want to stay somewhere for longer or maybe you get a great recommendation for a place you didn't know about. Some of my best adventures on this trip were just planning parts as we went 


What adventures are you dreaming of now? 

I'm actually based in London now, so I have a few trips to Europe in the summer planned. I'm so excited to be living so close to some of my new favourite places. 


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