An interview with Tiarni Naturopath & Artistry We instantly fell in love with her beautiful art...

Instagram recently connected us with Margaret River local Tiarni Emery and we're so inspired by the hub of creativity and health she has put together online. We instantly fell in love with her beautiful art, especially the native flower wooden serving boards - a match made in heaven with our picnic rugs.


Tell us a little about yourself?

Hello loves! I am Tiarni – Artist and Naturopath behind Tiarni Naturopath & Artistry.  I live in Margaret River Western Australia but was born and bred on a family farming property by a small country town on the south east coast of South Australia called Kingston. I love the farm, it brought me so much freedom throughout my childhood. I filled my days with tree houses, horse riding, motor bikes, the ocean, animals and spending hours out in the bush. My love of the outdoors and natural world eventually saw me becoming a Naturopath and artist.

I am always exploring and seeking out beauty in nature, which lead me to living and traveling in my caravan for a few years with my Kelpie and partner. As a result, I am now based in Margaret River! An area rich in natural beauty.

When I'm not busy creating, I am also a passionate horse woman - I have ridden my whole life. I love yoga, meditation, photography, the ocean and camping trips with my man and Kelpie Finn (I am admittedly overly obsessed with my dog, haha).

How do you combine Naturopathy and your art?

My love and intrigue for nature is what drives both my work as a Naturopath and creativity as an artist. Naturopathy is very much centered around utilizing plants and food as the most natural form of medicine to bring the body back into balance. I find the healing ability of plants to be just as beautiful as what they physically look like. The connection between our physical, mental and emotional health and nature is something I have always felt intuitively drawn to. A lot of my art shows this connection, I do a lot of botanical anatomy type illustrations as well as a lot of flora and fauna.

My creativity comes out a lot within my work as a Naturopath also. I have created my own range of organic, wellness herbal tea blends utilizing my favourite medicinal plants to form delicious brews. It also comes out in the way I eat and create healthy recipes. Although art and natural health seem worlds apart, for me they intertwine in every way.

We notice you are a native wildflower lover like us and we adore your one of a kind wooden serving boards. Where did you get the inspiration to make them and how do you apply the original artwork to the wood?

Australian native plant life is just so stunningly unique. There is nothing else like it. I think my initial love of native flora and fauna, particularly bird life, has come from my Grandpa’s love and passion for our natives. His conservation work and knowledge of native plants and birds put them on my radar from a young age.

Native wildflowers have so much intricate detail that suits my style of work. I also really love working with organic materials, so wood has always been a material I have enjoyed working with. The natural, unique patterns and colours work beautifully with my illustrations. I wanted to create art that can be used (I get this practical side from my mother), so I began with wooden home wares. The artwork is hand burnt into the wood. The tool I use is basically like a heated pencil. I adjust the heat depending how dark I want the burn. All pieces are one of a kind, original illustrations.

Margaret River is a beautiful place to live. Where do you like to slow down and picnic around that area?

Margaret River is a truly beautiful part of Australia. We have the ocean, the forests, the caves, the river, the wine and a huge, diverse display of wild flowers in the Spring. It’s tough to just pick one place, but I could never go past the beautiful Boranup forest to picnic in, full of towering Karri tree’s. I think a lot of the locals would agree!

What are your picnic essentials?

  1. My dog - there’s not much we don’t do together! Even though last time he ate a whole wedge of cheese when I turned my back, he is still great company at any picnic.
  2. My hat - Rain, hail or shine my Akubra fends off all weather conditions.
  3. An organic bottle of red, for obvious reasons!
  4. My beautiful floral Wandering Folk picnic rug of course.

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