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Winter is known as a season of rest; a time to retreat indoors under your duvet. Exploring the outdoors in the cooler months, however, can be incredibly rewarding. Especially in the hills of California, there is a unique beauty to this time. A tranquil silence that hangs in the air over winter thanks to the hibernation of animals (and some humans). The landscape usually changes drastically, transforming into a scenic snowy wonderland.  


An area that has taken our hearts is Mammoth Lakes, a beautiful place to visit in California during winter. We asked adventurers/content creators Brandon and Brie of Goodenouf to venture out into the snowy surrounds of Mammoth Lakes to capture its magic and share their favourite places to visit.  

Together, we’ve summed up some of the best things to do during the winter in Mammoth Lakes, California. 



Bathing in Lakes & Hot Springs: 

This unique part of California is full of dramatic lakes framed by gorgeous mountains, and numerous hot springs which have amazing health benefits. They will certainly warm your bones after a chilly day on the slopes! There’s nothing more glorious than watching snow swirl down while bathing in a remote natural hot tub. 

The three springs off Benton Crossing Road just south of the town of Mammoth Lakes all fit the bill. 

Our favourite is Willy’s Hot Spring. Pictured above, the famous heart-shaped pool is a bucket list item. The temperature is perfect, and if you get there with others around, there are a couple of other springs in the area that are equally warm and lovely. This is about a mile’s hike from the road down a flat trail. Bring a flask of tea and a picnic rug for a poolside picnic. 



Enjoying the Snow 

Winter in Mammoth Lakes inspires adventure at every turn. From skiing and snowboarding at the world-famous Mammoth Mountain (California’s highest chairlift-serviced peak) and miles upon miles of cross-country and snowshoe terrain to snowmobile adventures and family fun-filled with sledding and snowball fights, there are so many ways for everyone to enjoy this spectacular, snowy winter wonderland. After all the fun in the snow, there is nothing better than cosying up next to the fire in a throw and sipping on a hot chocolate. Absolute bliss. 


Watching the Sunset  

Minaret Vista is well known for its fantastic sunsets, overlooking panoramic views of the Minarets, the backside of Mammoth Mountain and the Sierra area. The lookout is accessible by car during summer months, but in winter is only accessible by snowmobile or skis.  


Nothing is more rejuvenating than adventuring in nature. There is magic to be experienced outdoors all year around. Happy exploring.


 Photography by @goodenouf @briecoops


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