The Ultimate Morning Ritual A Simple Guide


The Moonrise throw was created as a companion for your everyday rituals. Rituals are conscious, intentional acts that we perform to serve an important purpose… They can be simple, like choosing to feed the birds outside your window each day, or grandiose, like attending a meditation or yoga class. Every morning is presented to us as a clean slate, and by performing rituals early, you can set your mood up for the day ahead. We invite you to use your throw as a tangible reminder to take time for yourself each and every day.


Our Moonrise campaign was shot at Rosalita’s Rest in Billinudgel, NSW. This property is set in the rolling hills of the Northern Rivers, a place where nature’s magic can truly be felt. The property itself was curated especially for lovers and romantics who wish to reconnect with the land, themselves and others. It is designed as a place to restore, renew and reevaluate. There was no better location to host a morning ritual. The first time you perform a Morning Ritual, you might like to make it extra special. Maybe you take yourself away for a night, or you perform it together with a friend in their home. Having a bit of distance from your normal routine may help you to be more present and enable you to switch off. 



Start with a bath… Bathing is a gentle way to wake up your body and prepare yourself to transition from sleep to activity. For this morning ritual with the moonrise throw, we prepared an extra special bath, using a recipe inspired by @cosmicvaleria, an expert in ritualistic baths. Here is the ingredients we included:


1 cup of Epsom salts 

3-5 drops of lavender oil 

1 cup of pink, white and lavender coloured flowers

10 slices of lemon 


We spent the time in the bath in deep relaxation, allowing our thoughts to wander, simply observing what was coming up.



Journalling is a powerful way to process your emotions, thoughts and whims. The morning is a great time to tap into the subconscious. If you are new at journalling, we really encourage you to use cards that allow you to tap into topics you may have avoided, or never even considered. Dreamy Moons has a beautiful set of cards called Sacred Connection Cards. Each card asks a deep and meaningful question. Simply select one or two cards, open a journal and let your pen flow across the page in a stream of consciousness. Here are some questions from the deck you could use for your Morning Ritual:


What am I avoiding right now?

What has been consuming my mind recently?

How is my heart?


You can purchase the full deck here.



Our gorgeous social media whizz/professional yoga teacher Marley performed her morning yoga routine for us at Rosalitas. You can move your body in any way that makes you feel good - maybe you’d like to practice some pilates, meditate, or do some simple stretching. You can find many yoga routines on YouTube that are easy to follow, or simply feel into your own needs in the moment.


We hope you enjoy each precious moment with your Moonrise throw. Please tag us @wanderingfolk when sharing your morning rituals.

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