Save our Koalas Announcing our partnership with the Great Koala National Park

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Great Koala National Park, who share our passion for protecting and preserving our planet and its natural beauty.

100% of profits from our Emerald charity tote will go to the GKNP proposal.

Last week we went for a road trip to Nambucca heads to meet the team and learn more about the amazing work they are doing!

We spent the morning wandering around the beautiful Bongil Bongil National Park with koala expert John and Caitlin who shared their knowledge and the importance of protecting the habit of our furry friends.

Sadly we did not see any koalas which puts an emphasis on how important this proposal is!

We were treated to an amazing home made breakfast picnic by @bushgrazing while John shared his wisdom of 30 years fighting for the Koalas and trying to make the GKNP a reality. 

The sad truth is Koalas are predicted to become extinct in NSW by 2050 if the decline is not halted. Habitat loss and fragmentation through logging, land clearing and bushfires, are the primary cause of the koala’s decline. The only way to stop the decline is to stop the loss of koala habitat by protecting it in perpetuity.


Interview with Caitlin from the Great Koala National Park


 Tell us about the Great Koala National Park proposal?

 The proposal is to add 175,000ha of public native forests (State Forests) to the existing reserve system to create a 315,000ha of National Parks across our region from southern part of the Clarence Valley to the northern part of the Macleay Valley.

 The Great Koala National Park proposal is a community driven initiative. We are determined to see the permanent protection of all public native forest within the area of the GKNP proposal. These forests contain significant koala habitat and are required to ensure the survival of the regional koala population.

Why is it so important to protect our native forests?

Our public native forests are places of natural beauty and delicate ecosystems which support many endangered and threatened species of flora and fauna, including the koala. By protecting our native forests, we are preserving our life support ecosystems and cultural heritage sites while reducing climate change and risk of bush fires.

What are your goals in the future?

 Our plan of action going forward is to keep a strong momentum in increasing public, business, and political support for the creation of the GKNP. We are aiming to have major political parties and independent candidates clearly stating their position regarding the GKNP proposal in lead up to the 2023 NSW election.

We need all your support to make the GKNP a reality ASAP!

What can people do to help?

* We have an e-petition you can sign if you live in NSW.

We are aiming for 20,000 signatures.

* You can also donate to support the proposal HERE

* Word of mouth is important, so chat to family and friends about it and send them to our website. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated!

* Writing a letter/email to your local MP is also a very powerful way to create urgency 

Please copy and paste this email and send it to your local MP 

Dear Premier,  

I am writing to you, about NSW koalas and the urgency of protecting their habitat 

Koalas have been in decline for over 20 years, even before the 2019 bushfires which killed thousands more.

The NSW Government, which you lead could turn this situation around, by immediately protecting koala habitat on public land and declaring the Great Koala National Park.

I urge you to do just that. This is such and important issue for me, that I will be considering it when I vote.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,


Here is a list of NSW MP

The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP
GPO Box 5341
E :
Ms Tamara Smith, MP
Shop 1
7 Moon Street
The Hon. Leslie Williams, MP
Suite 6
27 Grant Street
The Hon. Melinda Pavey, MP
37 Elbow Street 



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