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1% for the Rainforest - Heart Warming Updates

Apart from being one of the most beautiful places for a picnic, the rainforests play a vital role in the natural processes that keep our planet healthy.
Our precious rainforests support large amounts of amazing animals and plant diversity.
We are proud to contribute to such an inspiring not-for-profit organisation to help protect our beautiful rainforests.


Our Contribution

In the past year Wandering Folk has contributed towards the rescuing of 1,200 square metres of unprotected Daintree lowlands rainforest, that is the area of 521 Wandering Folk picnic rugs laid out flat, this area will be preserved forever.

We have also contributed towards the planting of 600 trees to regenerate damaged Daintree lowland rainforest.


Rainforest to Reef

Rainforest rescue and Great Barrier Reef Legacy are official conservation partners.

Both of these amazing organisations are working together to expand coastal rainforest habitat while also improving water quality for the benefit of a healthier reef.

This initiative is supported by the Rainforest to Reef Ambassadors, two of Australia’s most acclaimed nature photographers, Darren Jew and ocean photographer Jasmine Carey.

Birds on the Move Back to the Daintree

Many different bird species are making their way back to the Daintree after their migration including the Metallic Starlings and beautiful Buff Breasted Paradise Kingfishers. Their habitat is now even safer thanks to Wandering Folk.


Further great news for the Daintree’s cassowaries

Southern Cassowaries and their chicks continue to be spotting north of the Daintree River, near Rainforest Rescue already protected land. Frequency of sightings reassures the whole team that the cassowary population numbers are healthy and growing, especially seeing confirmation of offspring.


Rainforest Revival Success

The Rainforest Revival & Land Care Big Scrub Fundraiser was a huge success! Over $15,000 was raised to support the two organisations and it was thanks largely to Wandering Folk and the support of other wonderful business partners and supporters who contributed items for the auction.



If you are interested as an individual or as a business to contribute to Rainforest rescue - you can follow the links and find more information on how you can help.




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