An interview with Whole Health Studio We talk to Tia Miers, owner of the “Whole Health Studio”

Firstly, can you tell us a little about your background and what inspired you to head down the path of naturopathic medicine? 
Hello everyone!
My name is Tia Miers, I am a qualified Naturopath and owner of the “Whole Health Studio”.
I have always had an interest for science (I am a big nerd). Upon graduating high school, I began studying a nursing degree but was not connecting with the time based medication schedule and dietary advice. I then transferred to Endeavour Collage of Natural health where I completed a Bachelor of Health Science, specialising in herbal and nutritional medicine.
After years of dedication and research did you find yourself particularly drawn to certain areas of naturopathy. If so, which areas of health are you most passionate about?  
After going through my own personal health journey of hormonal imbalances and endometriosis, I am extremely passionate about women’s health. In my clinical practice I use herbal medicines to balance hormones, enhance fertility, improve energy production and optimise digestion. I am passionate about educating and empowering my patients through dietary and lifestyle shifts, as I believe these are our best tools for wellbeing.
I find my work so fulfilling and look forward to coming to the studio each day.
In our society we are constantly moving and improving.. which is great, but we know it is important to slow down, reflect and take time to nurture our mind & bodies, what are your favourite ways to do this?..... And why is it important for everyone to do so?
Whilst growth is wonderful, I couldn’t agree more- it is so important to slow down. My favourite mantra is to “Slow and Flow”.
I nurture my mind and body through regular meditation. My favourite platform is “insight timer”, Sarah Blondin has a really special medication called “Loving and listening to yourself”.
Daily exercise and regular journaling helps to keep my mind in a really beautiful place. Movement is so therapeutic for the body and writing my emotions or worries on paper is cleansing.
Where are your favourite places to go to escape real life for a while and how do you benefit by connecting to nature?
I love being in the ocean. I regularly go free diving- there is something so special about being under water. Nature helps to activate my creativity and enhances my mood.
What are your go-to healthy alternatives that you have inside your picnic basket?
My picnic snacks usually include hummus and carrot sticks, chocolate cacoa protein balls, fresh fruits and organic red wine hehe.
If you could give just one piece of advice (this might be a tricky one) to anyone seeking optimum health physically and mentally, what would it be?
Be kind to yourself- I personally feel as though the relationship that we have with our-self is essential for good health. I also feel it is important to not overcomplicate health, keep things simple.
Check in;
Are you consuming whole foods?
Drinking filtered water?
Getting adequate sleep and downtime?
Are you participating in regular exercise?
The work you are doing and how you transforming your clients lives for the healthier good is truly amazing! For anyone seeking health advice from you, how can they get in touch?
You have just put the biggest smile on my face, thank you.
They can get in touch via email; and bookings can be made via my website;
Over the last few years my clinic has expanded and social media has allowed me to connect with so many beautiful humans around the world. Being based on the Gold Coast, my physical reach is quite small, so I have stared developing my own product range that address many of the common ailments I see presenting in my clinic reach week. These products are available in the “shop” section of my website.
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