Q&A with our muse Christina Macpherson

We had a chat with the beautiful Christina Macpherson, long-time friend of Wandering Folk and recent muse in our Wonderland campaign. Having been part of our beloved Sisterhood Campaign back in 2020, we just knew that her charm and energy would bring the character of Alice to life. 


In the past few years, Christina has made the transition to motherhood, tracing the journey on her socials. We loved reconnecting with her onset in her new stage of life and having chats about her little bubba.



Despite all this change, Christina continues to inspire us with her sweet, down to earth nature and ability to bring that fairytale quality to every shoot. Bringing Wonderland to life was a daydream come true, and we hope you all adore the campaign as much as we do.


What have you been up to, what’s happening in your world?

 I’ve become a mum! He’s name is Sunny and I’m lucky in that he suits his name – he is pure sunshine and the happiest little baby. I have continued to work and my little family and I have been travelling a lot this year; we’ve been to Indonesia, Dubai, France, Italy and Greece. Personally, it’s been a whirlwind of a year in all kinds of amazing ways.


How has it been to start adventuring abroad again? Especially with a little one!?

 I think it was actually more fun. We’re forced to slow down a bit and take more moments to just be and play. It’s been incredible knowing we can do what we’ve always done with him with us, we don’t have to stop exploring or experiencing. In fact, we want to do it even more now that he is here.  As a side note, everyone adored Sunny and he got us a lot of free drinks, food and upgrades haha.



Tell us about your relationship to Sharnee and Wandering Folk over the years?

 I feel like I’ve been a fan since the beginning! I remember writing to Sharnee when she first started telling her how amazing her pieces were, and her sending me my first W.F rug – I think that was maybe 7 or 8 years ago! At the time, she was also designing prints for so many different brands and I just thought she was an incredible entrepreneur. We’re both mums now, and with that added to the mix I continue to have huge respect for her and all she does.


How was your Wonderland shoot experience? 

 As always, a dream! The W.F team are always so lovely, and I’ve worked with Luciana Rose (makeup artist) since the beginning and she’s always such a great hype girl. Lynden Floss (photographer) is so easy and fun too. I think the best shoots are ones that combine fantasy and story-telling; and this did both. Plus there was cake and a bunny… what’s not to love?!



Your most cherished moment with Wandering Folk rug? Or why you love Wandering Folk?

 I love the story-telling behind the brand. I think people really respond to imagination and getting lost in a tale. And I think – especially at this time – we could all get lost in a little imagination.





Favourite book right now?

I just finished reading ‘Happy Go Lucky’ by David Sedaris – it’s his newest collection of personal essays. The way he writes is so great – self-depreciating and funny but with a depth that pulls at your heart strings.


Favourite song right now?

ESG – My love for you


Favourite food?

Anything with COFFEE 


Favourite colour?

At the moment, green


Favourite quote or life motto right now? 

I have two at the moment: 

“The best thing you can do as a fellow human is to make those around you feel special”

“Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better”


Explore the Wonderland collection here. 


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