Q&A with Le Lemon Muse Sophie Isadora Haber



Sophie Isadora Haber is a locally based creative, the muse and creator behind our recent Le Lemon campaign. Shot with the help of her partner Eliot on their home, an old Macademia farm nestled in the hills around the Northern Rivers, we couldnt have been more delighted with the outcome. Since meeting her at a candlelit dinner in the hinterland we have been following her creative journey on her social media. Her content is dreamy, alive and full of poetry. We chat to her a little more about her work and process...


Tell us a little about you. Who are you, and what do you do…

I am a visionary at heart and am proud to say I am a photographer and more recently a cinematographer. You can find me knee deep in my garden harvesting flowers, tending to my farm animals, and creating something new for all of you. 



We’ve fallen in love with your work! Tell us a little more about your creative journey. What inspired the work you do today?

Thank you, I appreciate it so much! Ever since I was little I have always enjoyed creating and feel it comes naturally to me. It has taken me some time to find a rhythm with how my internal world meets the outside. In more recent years I have focused on expressing from my core values and incorporating them into my work. 


Your content is so beautiful and we are astonished when it pops up on our feed daily! How do you keep the creative flow happening? 

Honestly it's something that I feel doesn’t go to sleep. Sometimes I will have an idea come to me in the middle of the night or when I am out driving. I really love Pinterest for this, I have a board called ‘content creation ideas’ I will add to daily and slowly transform inspiring images to moving moments.



You live on a really beautiful property with a lot of history. We’d love to hear more about your home and how it speaks to you.

My partner and I along with his family moved from California onto this property 7 years ago. It was an old Lychee farm that had been abandoned and slowly over the years we have created a second life out of what once was history. It's a family farm with big visions for the future. You can watch more of our journey unfold here @the.nest.farm


We see you’ve been doing lots of video content lately - what excites you about this medium?

I really admire the production that goes into creating a video. Everything from the mood board, set design, location, color grading, and frames. It pushes my comfort zone and inspires me in new ways every time. I love to storytell and feel that video gives you the freedom to do so in a personal and creative way. 



If you were to have the ultimate self love picnic, what food, books, items or people would you bring?

Love this question! I would be reading poetry by my favourite poet, John O’Donohue, eating a french charcuterie board with a lemon meringue. I'd also bring my aisle and paint in a meadow draped in wildflowers alongside my love as Lucienne Delyle plays in the background. I am already transported there!


Any dreams for the future that you would like to share?

I am excited to nestle more into my home life here on the farm and work with different brands in a creative way. 


You can follow Sophie's journey on Instagram @sophieisadorahaber

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