An interview with Indigo & Olive One talented duo.

Chloe and Talib are one talented duo. Amidst creating content and traveling, they're busy making unique camper-vans and live in a self converted American Skoolie themselves. Their love for adventure and values around sustainable living are ever-inspiring. We took a moment to catch up with them.

Can you introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about how you got into the work you’re doing now?

Sure, we are Chloe & Talib with a little bubba on the way soon to be a family of three. We started living in self converted vans when we spent some time living and working in Australia and Scandinavia and fell in love with this stripped back way of living - spending more time in the nature, living smaller and more sustainably and taking our home around with us. With each new project we learnt more and decided to grow our own camper van conversion business ‘Indigo & Olive’. We’re really proud of how this has grown over the last couple of years and that it gave us the tools to build our own tiny home on wheels, our School bus conversion ‘Arizona’.

What is the first step to making a house on wheels comfortable and liveable? What would you say are the little luxuries that are necessary for this type of lifestyle?

I think this totally depends on the people involved, it can be a bit of a shock to downsize and live on the road so I think feeling comfortable (having a good bed) and safe (all locked in, curtains and blackouts so you have your privacy) makes a big difference. One of the big advantages of coming back to your own nest each night is that you can make your own sanctuary ,whatever that means for you. We love our spaces to be light, open, inspiring, a bridge between the indoors and the outdoors. Aesthetically beautiful and functional so that you can use a bathroom, kitchen and store all your things away whilst feeling at home.

What is the most rewarding thing about converting a van/bus into a tiny home?

Hmm I think its the accomplishment of knowing you had to learn everything that goes into a build, skills you may not have needed before like understanding plumbing, electrics and carpentry and making your vision into a reality. Then when you get on the road and it all works a dream, its very satisfying. Its also a great feeling to know that really, you have all you need right there in that small space.

If you could take your bus anywhere in the world, where would you take it?

Ooh thats so hard, we’ve been wanting to travel Africa so I would say a big road trip from North Africa to South!

Living life on wheels I’m sure you guys are a big fan of picnics, like us.

What are your go-to picnic essentials?

Totally, a huge part of the van life is finding that beautiful view, cooking on a fire and picnic-ing as often as possible! We take our Wandering Folk blankets with us everywhere and use them at home for special indoor picnic occasions. We would lay a rug down, sprinkle with cushions, have a cuppa, spread little dishes of food around and enjoy.

If you have any advice for someone wanting to convert their own little home…

Do it! It’s such a rewarding way of life, we love that we are more aware of our consumption and spend a lot more time outdoors. I would listen to the advice of people who have done it, making sure you are living in a warm, dry, insulated home with natural products and good ventilation. Dream of a beautiful design that you love and stick to your guns- it doesn't usually look like its going to come together until right at the end!

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