An interview with Bree Brooks On her mesmerising and mostly blue hued nature artworks

Bree Brooks is a talented artist who connected with a member of our family while they were both living in Sri Lanka. Her mesmerizing and mostly blue hued nature artworks immediately bring on feelings of peace and tranquility. Before she embarks on her next sunshine filled adventure we got the chance to learn a little bit more about her art journey, wandering memories and where she fills up her inspiration cup.

Tell us a little about yourself, where you live and what do you call ‘work’?

At the moment I am currently based in Encinitas, California for the rest of the summer. Although, my base changes about every 6 - 12 months so I'm planning on my next location! I am a full time artist, running around the world doing exhibitions and making incredible connections through my art.

How did you become to be living the dream, being a professional artist painting full time?

It's actually a funny story. I was living in Sri Lanka as a surf instructor and had a pretty nasty surf accident which left my front teeth broken. Since doctors in Sri Lanka are sort of like the wild west, the doctor accidentally pulled out my front tooth, did an emergency implant, stitched me up and sent me back to a dark house in Sri Lanka with a fake tooth super glued in. I had to stay out of the water for quite some time so I began to paint my escape to my own happiness. Painting the beautiful ocean, marine life and everything that made me happy to forget my current state. People began to take notice of my paintings and then it began to snowball into traveling the world doing fine art.

Obviously you get endless inspiration from the ocean, what else fills up your inspiration cup?

Humans doing things for nature. I have a huge passion for animals so I'm so inspired when I see people give their time and life for a greater purpose. So I suppose connecting with people is the most inspiring thing for me. Hearing other people's stories.

What’s your pattern like day-to-day in order to constantly create such mesmerizing art?

I surf a lot and try to maintain a healthy dose of drive to keep striving to take my art to another level. I try really hard to immerse myself in nature as that inspires me most. Although California has proven to be more challenging to escape the crowds. I have found a lot of peace at night time here...just soaking up the moon, stars and quietness. 

You’ve traveled all over the world. Any memorable moments you’d love to share?

Playing soccer with a group of Peruvian kids under Machu Picchu. Spending 9 hours on a boat speeding through the waters of Fiji. I had $5 to my name hitch hiking in New Zealand and some random lady picked me up and at the end of the car ride gave me $100.. she was a god send. In my attempt to stop the animal circus in Portugal, I felt the great support of an entire country which I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to fight for something I feel so strongly about. 

Where has been your favourite picnic spot so far in your travels?

On the top of the sand dunes in Ahipara (Shippies) New Zealand. 

What are your must have picnic essentials?

WINE! Red of course, crackers, cheese and fig jam!

You’ve got a coffee date with your 18 year old self, what would tell her?

Love yourself and have faith in the universe. Everything will always work out, even if it isn’t immediately apparent. Follow your intuition and don't be clouded by the judgment of others.

Anything on the horizon you’d like to let us know about?

I'm potentially doing an artist in residence in either Costa Rica or Nicaragua around December. Moving back to Indonesia in January and then potentially heading back to Australia for the summer. SO many plans in the workFollow Bree Brooks, purchase her art or order a custom piece!


Instagram: @BreeBrookz


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