Our South Coast Roadtrip with Into the Wild


Midsummer, we set off with our little family of four with a car stuffed full of picnic accessories and Christmas presents. Our destination for the holidays was the Far South Coast of NSW. Weaving through the countryside, we paused to reconnect with family scattered along the coastline. Taking it slow, the trip was a dawdling family adventure through nature. Stopping at Into the wild tiny cabins along the way, this was our first roadtrip with two little kids. Waking up in the wild each morning was magic, it was a ritual to arrange a delicious breakfast with the kids before setting out for misty nature walks and a southward drive. It was so fun exploring remote little towns off the highway, swimming in freshwater creeks and eating yummy food from little cafes along the way. 



The intinerary


Tiny Nancy, Bellingen, 2 x nights 

Bellingen, nestled in NSW's lush hinterland, is the sweetest little town known for its boho charm and natural beauty. Home to artists, musicians, and environmentalists, we are always inspired by the community when we make it south to visit. Surrounded by rivers, rainforests, and hills, it's perfect for outdoor adventures and picnicking. 



Tiny Mowgli, Barrington Tops, 1 x night

Barrington Tops, located between Port Macquarie and Newscastle, is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed wilderness area. Home to ancient rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and towering eucalypt forests, our nature loving hearts were bursting spending a night here. We just wish we had more time (and a babysitter) to be able to go on all the hikes in the area. 




Tiny Aggie, Blue Mountains, 2 x nights 

The Blue Mountains has drawn us for years. When we lived in Sydney, we made regular trips into the mountains to explore its breathtaking vistas, rock formations, and lush eucalypt forests. Katoomba is a favourite town to explore, with cute little cafes and a fun music scene. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the mountains renowned for its ecological significance and rich Aboriginal heritage which you can truly feel when you stay here. 



Tiny Oscar, Robertson, x 1 night 

Our last stop Robertson, nestled in the scenic Southern Highlands of New South Wale just beyond Wollongong. Robertson is a quaint village surrounded by rolling green hills, dairy farms, and lush countryside. A chilled out space to relax before we made the long drive home. 



The packing list 


Copper Umbrella 

Spice Forest Rug 

Golden towel 

Golden towel cooler 

Native Blossom Rug 

Jagger Iris Throw 

Le lemon Olive Sarong 

Waves tote bag 

Honey rug 

Native wildflower rug 



Highlights of the trip 


Spending the day at the Never Never creek in Bellingen, just 15 minuets drive from Tiny Nancy.

Sleeping up in the clouds looking out at the world at Tiny Mowgli in Barrington Tops.

Picking wildflowers with the kids in the Blue Mountains at Tiny Aggie. 

Family outdoor bath in the rain at Tiny Oscar and exploring the cute little op shop in the town at Robertson on our way home.



Top tips from the trip 


Pack a cooler bag to keep your food chilled for the journey 

Bring hiking boots - it can get mucky even in summer

Research local swimming holes for a day trip 

Take a good book to get lost in 


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