DIY Valentine's Picnicking Our guide

Celebrating Love
Love is love, no matter who you share it with. Valentines Day is a day we can celebrate love in all forms. The love you have for your friends, lovers, family (and of course pets!)
Although we can do this any day of the year, there’s something special about so many coming together on February 14th to celebrate love universally.
This day provides us with a beautiful opportunity to shower those we cherish with love.
With our love language being ‘picnics' here at Wandering Folk, we of course recommend creating a beautiful picnic for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day in your favourite setting (we suggest outside in Mother Nature) and surround yourself with flowers, delicious nibbles and all things beautiful.
See our guide below to your very own DIY Valentines Picnic that’s sure to impress!
First steps...
- Choose your picnic location and time (remember to look at the weather forecast and ensure you’ve found a nice flat space for your rug!)
- Send the invite
What you’ll need to set up your picnic...
- Wandering Folk Picnic Rug and some Throws for layering or if cold (we suggest 1 x rug for 2-4 people)
- Wandering Folk Cushions scattered around the edges (1 per person)
- Wandering Folk Glassware, the perfect sturdy option for picnics, we offer a tumbler or goblet 
- You may like to use our Lovers Picnic Basket or one of our Cooler Bags to transport your goodies to the picnic location and to keep them safe/cool 
- We like to use an array of platters and/or small picnic table
- Flowers, check out what is in supply at your local florist, we suggest matching the colours to your rug
- Don’t forget to pack any other utensils you may need such as a cheese knife or bottle opener
- Snacks from your local grocer (be sure to check for any dietary requirements)
- Your preferred beverages (don’t forget the ice!)
- A speaker if you’d like some background music, be sure to find that perfect playlist that will set the mood
- Add lights, candles or any other accessories you think will add to the ambience
- Sunscreen, inspect repellent and some biodegradable paper towel or wipes will come in handy also
When setting your picnic up don’t overthink it, just enjoy the process and get creative!
Remember to collect all your rubbish and dispose of it thoughtfully once you're done. Enjoy xx
We’d love to see where your Wandering Folk takes you this Valentines Day, so be sure to tag @wanderingfolk when sharing.
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