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There’s a certain romance about living off-the-beaten-track,
in what feels to be, remote, Australian wilderness.
The air is fresh and clean, and the mountain-stream water is pure. 
Nestled in a large untouched pocket of  Lamington National Park rainforests,
Sits Nightfall camp, a glamping experience that steps away from the complications of modern life, redefining luxury through hand-built, permanent safari tents.
During our stay at the beautiful Nightfall camp, we had the opportunity sit down and chat with Jaide and Steve the founders and owners. They shared with us what inspired them and their journey of creating this amazing experience.
1. What lead you to create the ultimate glamping experience?

After having a Glamping experience we dreamed of our own and how our Queensland location on the wild edge of Lamington National Park is the ideal climate for a stripped back, simplistic luxury tent design that easily blends with the natural surrounds.


2. What were you both doing before you started Nightfall camp?

Prior to Nightfall Steve owned his own construction business in Brisbane and Jaide worked in organic farming at the scenic Rim, catering at Earth Education centre. 



3. Tell us little bit about the process of building your safari tents?  

Building Nightfall began after 2 years in the planning and approval process including flora and fauna studies. This process gave plenty of time to fine tune ideas on how to create something truly special. The tents were carefully designed… with angled walls, recycled wire brushed Australian hard wood floors. The frames welded first then the tensioned “fly sheet” roof then hard wood floors laid down and the walls sewn on site. Time was then carefully spent to plan the layout of the internal design…bringing together specially selected hand crafted details.


4.What can guests expect when they come and stay at Nightfall camp?

Guests can expect an elemental raw luxe one of a kind camp experience. With a stripped back design that has all you need for all seasons. Internal fire place, twin vintage baths that can be filled magnesium and essential oil bled to deepen your relaxation. A rain shower with a screen that can be open to the wilderness. Our bedding is a combination of biodynamic Australian wool with luxurious linens and organic cotton. The tents also have a lounge and kitchenette . 

The landscape of the Nightfall site has over a kilometre of pristine flowing waters guests can enjoy with plenty of private spas and pools. On either side of Nightfall there are mesmerising cliffs and the evening sky is filled with millions of stars.

Nightfall is a fully catered hosted experience. The food is lovingly prepared gathered from the onsite permaculture garden. Evening meals are our signature fire cooked organic cuisine and quality Australian beverages a truly intimate and unique experience. 

This wild and natural site will also guarantee some encounters with fauna of many kinds from an abundance of vibrant birdlife, echidna, wallaby, koala, platypus and so many more.


5. What are the special parts of life at Nightfall?

We have learned a lot over the 10+ years of living and breathing Nightfall on this majestic site we feel deeply blessed. We now allow ourselves a few days where we have no guests to keep on top of jobs that need doing and jobs we enjoy doing like regeneration of weed areas returning them to natural habitat. We are still continually inspired by this place and through the many wonderful humans we are fortunate to meet.


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Photos shot by Sharnee and Arthur during their stay  


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