Into The Wild Tiny House Getaway



Surrounded by nature on the daily based here in Byron Bay, it’s still easy to get swept away in the tidal wave of to-dos. Even with the best of intentions it’s rare to pause and truly enjoy the unique beauty of our landscape. It was time to set aside days to simply be with the land, with no plans whatsoever. Communion with nature always brings us back to ourselves. It’s on those picnics by waterfalls, or hikes through mountains that we’ve had our best creative moments. Join us on this blog as we take that journey back to ourselves, by road tripping to the beautiful off grid tiny home Kya, nestled in the mountains of Toowoomba. 


Two magical days lay ahead of us. The intention was to be as close to the beauty of Mother Nature as possible, and to capture the charm of the area. We left Byron dreaming of reading while gazing at mountains, dining amongst the trees and drinking coffee against the backdrop of an epic sunrise. 




Arriving at dusk after a long lush road-trip through the Gold Coast and Brisbane, the sky was painted a golden tinge of blue. As the car weaved through the hills dipping down to Tiny Kya, there was the feeling that we were entering a hidden universe. The landscape was parched, but extravagant. Ancient eucalyptus trees swayed in the fresh afternoon breeze, and just beyond them we could glimpse a panoramic view of mountain ranges. Coming from rainforest and sea, this otherworldly sight took our breath away.





Sunset approaching, now was the perfect time for an outdoor bath filled with Epsom salts and bubble bath. The native blossom rug was spread on the deck. Passing through Toowoomba, we’d picked up some of our favourite simple wholesome ingredients for the next few days. We laid out some crackers, brie and peaches to snack on as we whipped up a vegan pasta and salad. Our host strolled by with her beautiful horses. We fed them sugar cubes as they nuzzled our palms. Everything was awash with golden light, and the moment was perfect to photograph. As night came, we drank wine and bathed in the bubbly water. We chatted about our hopes and dreams under the starlit sky.






Woken by the dawn coming in the huge windows, our hearts had never felt so full. There was no need to even leave bed to experience this sunrise. Lying back on soft linen, under the cosiest duvet, we felt at peace. Breakfast was simple - a homemade granola with stewed cinnamon apples, coconut yoghurt and blueberries. We’d never made granola before, there was ‘never enough time’.  It was easier than we could have imagined. We mixed up coconut oil, cinnamon honey and oats with our hands and toasted the clusters in a large frying pan. The entire pan was gobbled down on the bed in our pyjamas… a breakfast-in-bed-sleepover kind of luxury. Cuddled in our throws, chatting and laughing, the moment felt close to being kids again.





The day was spent wandering the property or chilling in solitude. The hammock was our favourite spot. Right by the fire, and a few hundred metres away from the tiny home, it felt special and secret. To make it extra cosy, it was piled high with our favourite throws and cushions. There is nothing more relaxing than swaying on a warm day, reading your favourite novel. Some treats were snuck down to the hammock - little cakes and biscuits we’d got from a bakery the day before. Soul sustenance.






There had been nothing to do but truly be, to enjoy the day and all the beauty it could bring. Those 48 hours had felt like infinity, slow but so savoured. The pictures we took were a tribute to how special life really can be when you choose to really romanticise the present moment. During the descent down the mountain, we reminisced on how clear headed we felt, and ready to return to the bay with renewed creativity.


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