How to Picnic like Hayley Her top picnic styling and photography tips...

A girl who's been living on the road for the past three years, photographing and telling her story as she goes in hope to inspire a world of travel and adventure!
Forever with a camera in her hand and adventure in her heart in the hopes to spark a sense of adventure in yours...
We had a chance to chat with Hayley about her recent adventure through the QLD hinterland, Here are her top tips for picnicing and capturing the essence of the moment.
"We wanted to explore a new area of Southern QLD so we thought what better place than the Scenic Rim, Mount Barney in particular. Our first time experiencing this area and wow, we were blown away! We spent two days immersing ourselves in nature and finding some really amazing spots to camp and to picnic."
I love organising a picnic and love photographing it even more!
Here are my top styling and photography tips!
Styling Tips
I like to keep the food minimal, feels more natural than having a huge spread. Eg. strawberries, grapes, bread, olives and a bottle of wine or some sparkling water
Add a book, hat, flowers and cushion to style 
Photo tips
Plan around the sun, this is super important!
Make sure you analyse the area and the time of day that you think will work best. 
Experiment with different lenses, or even the zoom feature on your iphone
Both of these photos are shot with different lenses (24-70mm & a 70-200mm)
Follow the rule of thirds. Composition is key when framing your image.
Imagine your photo is broken up into a grid, similar to knots and crosses. Make sure your main focuses of your photo are sitting on those lines.
If you want to head out to the scenic rim we recommend staying at Mount Barney Lodge Country retreat. This is the campsite we stayed at with the beautiful Jacaranda trees and campfires.
It’s only around $30 a night. 
I highly recommend taking a day trip to Lamington National Park as well for the most beautiful hikes, lookouts and waterfalls!
Our favourite spot is the top or Moran Falls for sunset.
You can perch up on a rock above the waterfall and have incredible vast views of the valley.
The hike there is also fairly easy and short.
A must do!! 
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