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So this was not your average camping trip or hiking trip, it was in a category of its own. We hiked in by foot, but used wheelbarrows and trolleys for our gear. Luckily the fire trail we followed in was grassy and mostly flat. It was quite the adventure! Our little slice of heaven on the coast was perfect for our Australia Day weekend. The days were full of lazing in the sun on picnic rugs, swimming, playing cards and nibbling on all the yummy snacks we carried in.

While the boys surfed and dived for dinner, we explored the rock pools and played cards. The golden afternoons were filled with collecting fire wood, prepping dinner before dark and some more cards... When you're out in the wild with no reception and away from the busy world, conversations are all about what we are eating next and if you were stuck on an deserted island would what would be your most prized possession?

I can definitely say it was an Australian adventure. We had a pesky goanna that came back day after day trying to eat our food and was not afraid of us at all and a brown snake got very territorial at one of the girls while she was off finding a toilet (the bush), a lucky escape! While we were floating around on a fresh water dam further up into the valley, a red belly black snake swam right past us…we passed another snake on the way back…we are still arguing over if it was a Coastal Taipan or a Green Tree snake (I would like to think it was a friendly tree snake) …… saying of the day … “ Oh it looks snakey!” as we walked through the bush around the fresh water dam.

It’s just not an adventure if you don’t have a story to tell after. Nature has this amazing way of making your everyday life leave your mind…. Adventure more, its good for the soul.


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