A travel blog Heading south in the states

At Wandering Folk we love a good old fashioned road trip. 

That feeling of the city lights in the rear view mirror, the wind in our hair, the excitement of going off grid and getting lost in nature is unrivalled.

With friends David, Kristen and Brendan, we headed south from David’s cabin in Montana into the majestic Yellowstone National Park. We’ve been dreaming of exploring here, and were in awe of the landscapes and unique wildlife that we came across - especially the bison and elk!

Come with us on our journey through the wonder of the park, and onwards to our little A-frame cabin in the woods. We fell in love with The Yellowstone Haus and highly recommend it for a weekend retreat if you’re ever in this beautiful part of the world.


Photography by @higgsy_photography

Videography by @brennadillon

Styling by @littlemisskriss

Hosted by @theyellowstonehaus


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