Garden Party Delight

Savoring the Magic: Recap of the Gin Garden Party at Byron Bay's Caper Festival 2024

Underneath the canvas of an Autumn sunset and starlit sky, we gathered amidst the verdant splendor of Byron Bay for a truly enchanting affair—the Gin Garden Party. Held in collaboration with Art Kind Gallery and Papa Salt Gin at the serene North Byron Hotel, this event was a highlight of the Caper Festival 2024.

The festival itself spanned ten vibrant days, celebrating Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers region through a tapestry of food, drink, music, wellness, art, and community. 

Our Gin Garden Party was a testament to this spirit, offering attendees a delightful escape into creativity and camaraderie.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a refreshing Papa Salt cocktail, setting the tone for an evening of artistic exploration. Led by the talented Bec Duff from Art Kind Gallery, participants indulged in a watercolor sip-and-paint session that ignited their creativity under the twilight sky.


As dusk settled, the atmosphere transformed into a cozy gathering around the fireside, accompanied by delicious drinks that warmed both body and soul. The evening buzzed with laughter, shared stories, and a sense of community that epitomised the festival's ethos.


This free event was a celebration of art, warmth, and the spirit of togetherness. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who joined us, making the Gin Garden Party a cherished memory within the rich tapestry of Byron Bay's cultural landscape.


As we reflect on this magical evening, we look forward to future moments of connection and creativity. Until next time, let's continue to cherish and nurture the vibrant community spirit that defines Byron Bay and its Caper Festival.

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