Female founders sharing their wisdom

International Women’s Day - a day to honor and celebrate the cultural, social, economic and entrepreneurial achievements of women. It’s a day to remind ourselves that women are whole as they are and capable of anything. Women's day is a day for all women to celebrate their achievements and acknowledge the unique power of being a woman, recognizing the important role that strong, independent and inspirational women play in our society.
We got in touch with some of our favourite female business founders to share some of their sacred insight of what empowers them most about being a woman..
We had these (extra)ordinary women answer this question...
What empowers you the most about being a woman?






Sophie Kovic - Seed & Sprout, Founder.

'Personally, I feel empowered by stepping into opportunities I know I'm capable of, knowing that my vulnerability is also a strength.'




Victoria Beattie - The Beach People, Co-Founder. 

'Wow! What empowers me... I draw strength from my womanly senses, that gut feeling.. the instincts we have, you could call it street smart. A radar that's on high alert to all the vibes getting around. That instinct is what empowers me the most to walk this wife, motherhood, entrepreneurial journey.'




Lauren Williams - Will and Bear, Co-Founder.

'Sisterhood... The women around me are a constant form of inspiration to the the best woman, friend & sister that I can be.'





Chloe Brookman - OlliElla, Co-founder.

'What empowers me most about being a woman - I don't know - empowerment for me comes from self confidence through experience, through making (alot of) mistakes, through education and through being compassionate. I am empowered when I am inclusive, when what I say and what I do are congruous. Empowerment for me is being able to look at myself honestly, loving the good and bad bits; always working to be better, but also being enough all at the same time.'




Sharnee Thorpe - Wandering Folk, Founder. 

'As a new mother I feel so empowered to have been able to grow a tiny human, birth and feed my baby solely based on what my body can do, it's a real gift.'

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