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Daughters of India believe in slow, mindful creations that support our planet, people and future. Timeless dresses embracing natural beauty, slow fashion and effortless style. A match made in heaven, we are so excited to introduce you to this ethical locally based brand. Founders of Wandering Folk and daughters of India, Megan share very similar values- love for adventure, intricate prints & natural beauty.

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How did DOI begin and how has it become what it is today?

Daughters was created through an experience of precious moments with some beautiful women I met in India. The experience highlighted my awareness of the effects fast fashion was having on their industry, and how important it was for women to feel safe, supported, and respected in their working environments. I fell in love with the mesmerising art of hand block printing, a practice that is intrinsic to the livelihoods of many artisans, their families and communities in India. My aim was to create a slow fashion label with the highest ethical practices, that supported women as a priority, as well as the artisans of each handmade garment and help keep the beautiful art of hand block printing alive. Over the years supporting women empowerment and the preservation of generation-passed artistry has become something we deeply value and feel our community truly resonates with.


Tell us about where and how your products are made? 

Our products are mindfully and sustainably hand-crafted by artisans in India using the ancient artistry of hand block printing and hand looming

Since the beginning we’ve endeavoured to acknowledge the magic of handmade creation by supporting traditional garment crafting methods that have been passed down through generations. Slow, sustainable, fashion practices are the essence of everything we do. We don’t have production deadlines on any of our clothing, meaning, the artisans have the ability and freedom to manage their own hours, giving flexibility for them to enjoy life at their own pace. 


Tell us about the charities you support...

Sewing the Seeds and Barakat Bundle are two women-owned, volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisations that support women empowerment initiatives in India. Along with empowering women and supporting change for future generations, my personal dream has always been to give back as much as possible. At the beginning of 2023, I decided I wanted Daughters of India to pledge an ongoing monthly donation of $10,000 to support Sewing the Seeds & Barakat Bundle reach their goals.  

Barakat Bundle provides local communities in India with life-saving care and education bundles for mothers and newborns in need. Each bundle provides items that are essential for a safe birth and a successful first year for a mother and her newborn. They are truly remarkable!

Sewing the Seeds is a centre that utilises education and creativity through the enterprise of slow fashion to break the cycle of poverty for Indian women. Indian women from marginalised communities are provided with an education, training, and meaningful wages in a safe and supportive environment ethically crafting products using up-cycled and organic materials. It is life changing for these women.

You can learn more about our charity partners here.


What inspires your designs, what’s your creative process?

I’m continually inspired by pieces from the past and the way they breathe this relaxing air of nostalgia, forever reminding me to slow down and appreciate the moment. I like to infuse a modern twist with past-time designs and bring out pieces that are different to other labels. I want our pieces to be unique. Thrifting and vintage shopping are still huge sources of inspiration for me. 


Where does your passions for ethical and slow fashion come from?

Contributing to a greener future through minimal waste and flowing with the rhythms and cycles of nature in production, as well as knowing the artisans and makers are supported and happy is what I feel makes fashion ethical and sustainable. I guess this is where my passion lies. I love exploring my creativity and I also want to support as many other people as possible to do the same.


What’s next for DOI?

We’re currently exploring some more beautiful and intricate handmade processes to support which is super exciting. All I can say for now is there is so much more magic to come!







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