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Camping has got to be one of my all time favourite things to do in life, getting back to the simple way of living, well I do love a little bit of style while camping. Nothing like a few Wandering Folk camping rugs under your feet and our trusty old campervan to lay out heads on after a big day of exploring.
Our days were filled with beach hangs, games, yummy food and a good crew.
At night the fairy lights made our camp all the more magical …as we sat around the camp fire chatting about who knows what, with a beer in hand of course.
Dusk on the last night we wandered to the beach each with a piece of wood in hand to build our fire in the dunes. Surrounded by the pinkest sunset… then came the Kaleidoscope skies and glowing milky way, the biggest wow of all was the full moon rising with the fire embers drifting off into the darkness.
The planning for the next camping trip has begun, until then ….
Wander often, Wander wide. Wandering Folk is a way of life.
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