Together we stand Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement...

Tens of thousands of people came together across the nation to support the Black Lives Matter movement on Saturday, we showed our support by protesting peacefully and marching for justice in Brisbane CBD.

The Brisbane protest was one of many across the world sharing the public outrage following the tragic death of African American George Floyd, the Australian and Indigenous people showed compassion and a call for justice for those who have died in police custody.

A display of tears and goosebumps spread amongst the crowd as stories of those who have been affected by racism were told, describing the history of First Nations struggles. The feeling of love and union of the people was strong as we marched and chanted;
“No justice, No peace” and “Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land”.
 A truly positive and powerful day.

As a small business, (our team consisting of just 3 white females) it is hard for us to completely understand the hardship and struggles that the ancestors of our land have faced. We will never truly know the heartache and the injustice that has been felt for so many years. We do however promise to continue to educate ourselves and spread awareness as best as we can. We realise this is life long work and we have a lot to learn from our Indigenous cultures.

We may not understand, but together we will stand.

Below we have compiled a list of petitions you can sign in favour of the Black Lives Matter movement, and a list of informative things to read and watch.



- Prevent another Aboriginal Death in Custody
- Close the Gap
- Change the Date
- Free the Flag
- Reduce Indigenous Incarceration

Accounts to Follow:
- @tiddas4tiddas
- @blklivesmatter

- White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo
- How to be an Antiracist, Ibram X, Kendi
- Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe

- In my blood it runs
- 13th (Netflix)
- The Healing Foundation
- Now they see us (Netflix)

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