Birds of Paradise
Chatting to Kip & Co about our fun Picnic Rug collab 

When two colourful worlds collide KIP & Co x WANDERING FOLK present

The Birds of Paradise Picnic Rug



Let's take you back to the 50's to a tropical Caribbean jungle,
floating past the squawking parrots, where sweet fruits are abundant.
We picnic amongst the lush foliage,
we dance around the flamingos.
We sing a peachy tune while sipping from our pineapple.
Welcome to the wonderful world of KIP & Co x WANDERING FOLK



The tale behind our collaboration stared many years ago. Our founder Sharnee Thorpe has been hand painting prints for the amazing Kip & Co since 2016.

If you’re a Kip & Co fan I’m sure you’re already sleeping snug in some of these fun artworks, covered in parrots and peaches.


Naturally designing a picnic rug together was a flow on from our beautiful working relationship, the Birds of Paradise print has been one of Sharnee’s favourite designs so bringing this beauty to life, in the form of a picnic rug has been a dream come true.

 Interview with Kip & Co Team

Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how the three of you started the bright and colourful world that is kip & Co?

 Kate, Hayley and I launched Kip&Co in 2012. The three of us wanted to start a business together that was creative, and could be managed around our young families. After a couple of years of brainstorming (seriously!) we came up with the idea of creating bright, bold, colourful bedding for adults – and Kip&Co was born! We quickly expanded into kids bedding and now offer homewares and apparel for every corner of the home and every member of the family. We’re big lovers of colour, art, travel and that’s where we find our inspiration. Our business has grown over the years and we now have a wonderful team, but it’s still the three of us leading the design and product creation.

How did the Kip & Co x Wandering Folk picnic rug come about?

 We’ve worked with the amazing founder of Wandering Folk on prints for Kip&Co bedding and homewares for many years and have always loved and admired Sharnee’s incredible talent. We’re big fans of the Wandering Folk business! We love the lifestyle that Wandering Folk’s products inspire – outdoors, adventurous, and freedom. Collaborations are part of our DNA and we love working with beautiful local brands so Wandering Folk was high on our hit list! The chance to collaborate with WF using one of the prints that Sharnee created for Kip&Co was just an awesome way of life coming full circle.

What’s the tale behind the Birds of Paradise print that is featured on our picnic rug?

 Birds of Paradise is such a beautiful print! One of our favourites. We love florals and this was a special twist on that, inspired by 70s record covers and vintage prints, we created a print that has a beautiful whimsical and feminine feel.

Where’s the first place you are going to take your picnic rug?

 The sun’s getting up a little earlier now, and I am trying to coincide my morning dips with that special moment. I’ll be taking my picnic rug down for a little quiet dawn moment at the beach to catch my breath before diving into the day.

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 Muse - @aleiyablake_ 

Location - @tropicalfruitworld

Photographer -  @shewillbewildphoto
Stylist and art director - @sharneethorpe
Dressed by @palytte_ &  @rue_stiic


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