The best locations for a romantic picnic

Be it with your lover, friends or a solo date, set the scene for your love story with a romantic picnic location. Here’s some of our favourite spots and top tips!


The beach at sunset

It’s hard to go past the beach at sunset/sunrise. One of our favourites is Broken Head Beach just South of Byron Bay. Offering a glorious stretch of beach with a red rock backdrop minus the crowds and tourists that Byron attracts. There’s a lovely green headland that you can reach via a short walk that offers amazing views of the ocean and hinterland.



Parks and gardens

If you live around a major city you’re lucky enough to be close to some amazing gardens full of colourful flowers, lakes and so much beautiful greenery! Although these gardens can be bustling at times they offer a relaxing setting amongst the business of the city. We particularly love Centennial Gardens in Sydney, Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne and City Botanic Gardens along the river in Brisbane. You also have access to numerous options for food and beverage options via markets, delis and bakeries - even take away cocktails!



Outdoor cinemas

Outdoor cinemas, whether you’re creating your own outdoor cinema or visiting one they make a pretty fun date! Just make sure you’re prepared for when the sun disappears you’ll need lights, candles and maybe some mosquito repellent! We love creating our own set up with Pixxie Projectors, or if you’re near a major city the Moonlight Cinemas run all summer long where you can take all of your own picnic gear and kick back!



Date night at home

Both cheap and relaxing. Its easy to elevate a space at home to create the perfect date scene! Spend some time setting your picnic up outdoors (or indoors if the weather isn’t on your side) and really go to town! Add lights, cushions, candles, flowers, music, incense… Create a magical space that transforms your everyday setting into something out of a dream! No traffic, parking or queues to worry about, and no lugging all the gear around! You could even order a pizza... 



Top tips:

Plan ahead - you’ll need some time to gather everything you need, make sure you’re aware of any dietary requirements! Also make sure you know the area you’re picnicking in… all you need blankets if it gets cold? Will you need sunscreen or repellent? Do you have enough ice to keep things cool?

Comfort is important- sitting down at a picnic means you need to be wearing some comfy clothes! Also make sure you’ve prepared for the heat/cold! Adding cushions to your set up for everyone to sit on will ensure everyone is much comfier also!

Make sure you have cutlery, paper towel or wipes, a rubbish bag and hats/water/sunscreen if its hot!

Be present - even though you might be hosting its important to enjoy yourself also! Try to remain present, take in the scenery and conversation without trying to plan ahead/organise the whole time!

Take some pictures - sometimes it can go by in the blink of an eye! It’s so nice to have some photos to look back on and also appreciate the efforts you went to. You’ll love how they pop up in your phones memories as a sweet reminder to go picnicking again!

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