SOULSHINE ~ Nine Lives Bazaar x Wandering Folk

She's a retro girl with a heart from the golden era
The kind of retro that pulses through all our veins
She has the feeling of bold nostalgia, enough to make your soul irresistibly sparkle with joy
Dancing free
She moves as though everything in her world is colourful.
The girl who lights up the room with her eclectic style and her contagious love for life.
She's not afraid to let her hair down, she doesn't hide away
She wears her style on her sleeve, playful and effortlessly vintage.
Wild in all her glory.
She lets her SOULSHINE
Soulshine Muses: Jordan Todd & Esther Vis
Photographer: Esther Vis
Creative Direction & Styling: Ashleigh Evans
Garments: Nine Lives Bazaar & vintage
Location: Byron Bay, NSW Australia
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